It is essential to create your profile as a creator on "icustommadeit". Take a few minutes to provide some information about yourself and/or your business. This is an opportunity to let the "icustommadeit" community know who you are as a person and what you're providing. So, fill out a complete profile.

STEP 1: Tell us about yourself, your skills/interests and your terms and conditions (if any). Give us an account of yourself regarding your work, your achievements as well as your inspiration. Be sure to upload a photo to your profile. It's easier to recognize and relate to a face along with a username.

STEP 2: Tell us about your business in detail.  Give out information on your business background, your company name, address and contact number.

STEP 3: Enter your payment information. You will have to submit your bank account details along with IFSC or Swift code and PAN card details.

STEP 4: Expand your portfolio. Upload maximum project photos and descriptions of your products to showcase your style and expertise, and add the price range. A portfolio exhibits your best work. Upload photos that are well-lit and focused. Always showcase each item from a few different angles. This will give clarity and also add to your profile.

STEP 5: After your profile is complete, our Creator Connect Team will review it. The team will quickly review and approve it, and soon you'll go live.

Superior visibility of your work depends upon your portfolio. Build an impressive portfolio to showcase your craftsmanship and work, and gain visibility through 'icustommadeit'. We share your zeal for customized work and our support team will always be ready to answer your questions and help you succeed.