Your product reflects your professional work. It is essential that you showcase your work accurately. Exhibit your creativity and skill by sharing significant examples of your work. This will make your profile highly recommended. The buyers will want to see samples of your work before sending you requests, the best way is to add correct photos of your work. We present you with some tips which that you can follow while uploading pictures in your profile.


Always add photos with clarity. They should be clear, in-focus and without any blurred effect. Use photos to depict variations in your product.


You may want to include product pictures with different colours, materials and visual designs. These variations will help the buyers decide the product that they would want.

For instance, you are setting up a profile which lists jewellery especially necklaces. You should include photos that show variations of the necklace (e.g. different materials used, different beads options, different designs touches like etching or painting patterns).


As a creator, include multiple angles photos that will highlight the different features and stress on the various components of the same product. Always use photos that show altered sides of the same product; a close vs. far away kind of effect. It is important to take the responsibility for the accuracy of your customized product.

For more help, please go through our video.