The first message that a creator sends to a buyer is a "bid" for the project. As creators, you connect with the buyers through IMB (Instant Messaging Box) only. It must be understandable and professional. We present before you some tips that can be helpful for ideal correspondence.


Always be concise while bidding for the product. Write a brief message. Although there is no harm in creating a personal bond with buyers, you can avoid writing lengthy messages. As it is, most of the buyers have already examined your portfolio in case of the 'special invite' feature. Thus, let your Creator Portfolio speak for itself.

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The best way to get clarifications about a customized product is to "ask questions". Enquiring and asking about the product indicates that you are keen in learning more about the buyer and their idea. You have to make sure that you get all the correct details. Ask and learn! As creators, you connect with the buyers through IMB (Instant Messaging Box) only.


It is crucial that you showcase your work correctly. Demonstrate your work and qualifications by sharing significant examples of your work. Always attach a photo to your first bid-message.


We provide you with options such as spell-check, doodle and translator. Use these features and ensure that your message looks reliable and professional.


Guide the buyers. Many of the buyers would be buying a customized product for the first time. The buyers need to be guided so that they can express their creative version and also understand the project-budget. As a creator, be honest about all the costs associated with their project. Explain the process and other variables included such as material requirements and shipments as they play an essential role in production process.


Be Flexible. As you continue communicating with the buyer on IMB (Instant Messaging Box), you can always fine-tune the price and specifications of the projects. Always be clear about what the buyers are looking for and then agree on the design and price!