The buyer can contact the creator in two ways.


The buyer will visit your portfolio. If the buyer likes your work and creations, they can send a special invite to you. You will be able to see the invite in your 'new request tab'. Once you accept the invite, you will be able to bid for the project.


General request is a wider spectrum of invites. If the buyer clicks on post request, every creator in that category will receive the invite for that particular product. As per the request, you will be eligible to bid for the request.

SPECIAL INVITE and GENERAL REQUEST features will be visible on "New Request" Section of your Portfolio.  All the project requirements will be mentioned in this section. The buyer can also describe the project with a photo if they need a specific kind of product. The request date and submission date will also be mentioned. You, then, bid for the project. If your proposal is accepted by the buyer, the buyer will communicate with you through the Instant Messaging Box (IMB).