Your profile page provides a quick overview to being an 'icustommadeit' creator.

1. Login to access your profile.

2. The Creator Page

You can see your profile photo, name, address, contact number and email id on the left hand side of the page. You can also edit this information, by clicking on the edit button.

3. Profile

The Profile tab includes your personal, business and bank account details. This section deals with you and your professional expertise, your inspiration and accomplishments.

4. Portfolio

The Portfolio tab includes your work. It will consist of the photos along with the description and price. You can add a category to your photo and list photos under a particular category. You can add maximum 6 images.

There is an "Add new project" tab in the top right side. You can upload the product photo; add category, description, dimensions and price to it.

5. New Requests

The new request tab will include General requests and Special invites sent by the buyer to you. This will let you know when a buyer has requested a bidding proposal from you.

6. Current Projects 

This sections includes the details of your current projects i.e. projects you are working on. The details include photographs, milestones, description and dates. The IMB (Instant Messaging Box) is where you connect with the buyer. It is mandatory that all communications between the buyer and the creator is done through the IMB. Any kind of communication beyond this platform or outside icustommadeit will violate the creator's agreement and can be subjected to jurisdiction.

7. Order History

Order History includes the Current Projects, Completed Projects and My Purchases.

Current projects will deal with all the on-going projects that you are handling and dealing with.

Completed projects are the ones that have been completed and delivered to the buyers. As a creator, you might be interested to buy other creator's work! 'My purchases' includes your purchase history on 'icustommadeit'. If you buy any kind of product, it will be registered under this section.

8. The end of the page will have the HELP and other quick links where you can get in touch with the Creator Connect Team.

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