The creator decides the shipping policies for the project. In general, the buyers would want the completed products as fast as possible. So, the faster you get the products shipped, the more contented your buyers will be. As a creator, you are responsible for shipping the finished product.

Also, always notify your buyer and 'icustommadeit' when the product is shipped. You will provide the relevant tracking order details to the buyers, via the Instant Messaging Box (IMB). You can also set up your shipping policy (which transport carrier to use, insurance policy etc.) for the projects according to the details provided by the buyer.

As a creator, you can decide on three types of shipments:


Offering free shipping for projects is a great way to attract more buyers. This will help you and you have the ability to set your own policy for shipments.


If as a creator, you can charge a flat shipping rate for all buyers, i.e., same cost to all buyers for any kind of project/product. You can enter flat shipment costs for anywhere in India. If you specialise in more than one item, you can enter a flat shipment cost for each added product that you have in your portfolio. As a creator, you can also decide on different flat shipment costs for different categories. The flat shipment cost (shipping + handling) is added to the project when you bid for it. It can also be attached with the product price in your gallery.  

You should also specify the handling time, i.e., the time you will take to ship the product once you receive the final milestone approval.


You can add specific shipment costs for specific locations and exclusive projects. As a creator, you can calculate your shipping expenses and attach it along with products. The buyer will pay shipment cost based on the project priority and the location.

It is vital to incorporate the basic shipment charges while you bid for the project. This would be the regular shipment charges based on the product’s average weight inside the boundaries of the country. You should explain this in your profile. Hence, the shipment policy in your profile must include the delivery services that you go for along with the additional expenses that might be incurred. If you want, you can also recommend or offer an insurance policy with the shipment.