Read the icustommadeit Legal in its entirety.

Success comes with Satisfaction! The customer service team at "icustommadeit" will take extra effort to safeguard your project. In any kind of improbable event where the buyer is unhappy with the finished product, "icustommadeit" can step in and act as a mediator when the problem cannot be resolved on its own. The one condition here is that all communication between the buyer and creator must have taken place on Instant Messaging Box (IMB). Any kind of communication beyond this platform or outside icustommadeit will violate the creator's agreement and can be subjected to jurisdiction.

This will help "icustommadeit" customer service team to review the discussion between the buyer and the creator, and help you come up with a solution for your dispute.

If there are any other kind of difference of opinion with the buyer, you can also email our Customer Support Team. We’ll definitely be there to help you resolve the issue.