After the project is approved, the buyer and the creator will decide on milestones for the completion of the project at every stage. Milestones are 'project completion stages' that needs to be decided before the project begins. Payments for the creators depend upon the milestones. You can have 1 to 5 or more milestones for the project, depending upon the cost, design and shipping timeframe. The milestones are decided by the buyer and creator; and every stage of milestone completion is compensated according to the percentage decided.

Suppose a creator and the buyer decides 3 milestones of 30%, 30% and 40% for a customized project. This means that the first payment, i.e., 30% will be done after the approval of the first milestone. The second payment, i.e., 30% will be done after the approval of the second milestone by the buyer. After the completion of the project, the creator will upload the third milestone photo. Once the milestone is approved by the buyer, the creator will ship the product. Once the shipment is done, it is very important and significant that you enter the logistics tracking number in your Order History. It is a vital part of the whole process and filling up the order history informs "icustommadeit" and confirms that the shipping has been done.

The buyer, then, assures that the delivered product is customized as per his needs, and the final payment i.e., 40% is given to the creator. In case the buyer doesn't respond within 9 days after the product is delivered, the payment is given to the creator without the buyer's feedback.