If for any reason the buyer is not 100% satisfied with a stock product that he/she purchased from icustommadeit, then the buyer may return the order in full and in its original packaging for replacement within 7 days after they receive your order. This only applies to all the regularly priced products featured in your portfolio gallery and does not apply to any custom-made or special order products.

Most of the products made on icustommadeit are customized and personalized according to the buyer's taste and preference. To make sure that the process is secured, the Milestone Approved Payment System is initiated. As a creator, ensure that all the custom-made orders are reviewed and approved by the buyer at every milestone. This is the process to show the buyer what their final product will look like. As a creator, you will not start the manufacturing process until the buyer is 100% satisfied with the design and details of your order and have sent an approval for the same.

So, if a product is customized by the buyer, there can be no return. However, if during shipment, the product gets damaged or flawed, then you will have to replace all damages or defects that is there in the custom-made product. As a creator, it is essential that you offer fast, reliable and professional shipments within India. Still, if the final product delivered is damaged, then as the concerned Creator of the product, you will have to mend and replace the damages.

If the buyer however, seek to initiate a Return, he will first send a message directly to you via Instant Messaging Box. As a creator, you can then work on it and make it as the buyer wanted it. Only you can authorize the acceptance of returned products.

In a rare instance, if you and the buyer are unable to come up with a solution, send a message to our Customer Support Team detailing the issues with the final delivered product. We will reach out to you quickly and fix the issue.