In a world of stereotypes, 'icustommadeit' is connecting the world at large to the creativity of the individual. Founded on the belief that standardized products cannot fit differentiated lives, 'icustommadeit' is making product customization available to everyone across a vast range of lifestyle categories.


There are three ways in which one can make a purchase on icustommadeit:


* Shop Our Gallery

Like something that our creators have already made? Well, go ahead and place an order! Please do allow a minimum of 15 days for delivery since these products are painstakingly made in limited quantities.


* Customize Our Gallery

Make a number of changes to any of our existing products. Everything in our gallery is customizable and can be made to fit your needs and fancies. Get in touch with our creators and exchange ideas, reference pictures and suitable budgets.


* Build From Scratch

Begin with nothing but just a thought, and if you have a product picture, our creators will work with that too. In case you're unsure of what you're looking for, we'll help you generate ideas. We maintain budgets, timeline, payments and all communications for your custom projects.


Registering on the portal is absolutely free and you start as many custom projects as you want.

Browse through Creator Portfolios and Galleries for inspiration and contact a Creator directly to start a custom-made project.

All this with assured secure payments and dedicated customer support.